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Trading Contest Leaderboard

In celebration of Oct 10th, we have prepared a Trading Contest just for you where a total of 25,000 TEN Tokens + 1 Million VEX Tokens will be distributed to our Top Traders!

Simply Trade on Tokenomy Exchange to become our Top Trader in terms of trading volume!

Trading Contest Period

The Trading Contest will run for one month from October 10th 2018, 3PM (GMT +8) to November 7th 2018, 3PM (GMT +8).

Trading Contest Details

Users will be ranked in terms of the total trading volume traded on their Verified Tokenomy Account (including both buys and sells) across all trading pairs during the contest period.

  • First Prize: 250,000 VEX + 10,000 TEN
    The Top trader will be awarded 250,000 VEX & 10,000 TEN*
  • Second Prize: 50,000 VEX + 1,000 TEN
    Top 2–6: 5 traders to evenly split a pool of 250,000 VEX & 5,000 TEN*
  • Third Prize: 25,000 VEX +500 TEN
    Top 7–16: 10 traders evenly split a pool of 250,000 VEX & 5,000 TEN*
  • Participation Prize: 5,000 VEX + 100 TEN
    To thank our users for participating in the contest, 50 traders will be randomly chosen and will evenly split a pool of 250,000 VEX & 5,000 TEN*
  • In the event more than 1 trader qualifies for the same ranking, they will be randomly picked using a computer-generated system. Traders not picked will be pushed one ranking down on the scoreboard.
  • All winners will be chosen strictly based on the ranking shown on the Live Scoreboard

Participation Rules

  • Your Tokenomy account must be Verified
  • Winners will be announced within 24 hours after the competition has ended
  • Prizes will be distributed 1 week after the announcement of winners
  • Management's decision is final and absolute

Trading Contest Live Scoreboard

Get updated with the results of the Trading Contest! A Live Scoreboard will be updated hourly on Tokenomy Exchange.

Rank Username Trading Volume (in BTC)