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  • What are Earn Products?

    Earn Products are crypto interest-generating products, providing access to yields on crypto assets. These assets may otherwise be idle, so why not earn while you HODL?.

  • Who is eligible for Earn Products?

    The Earn Products are available to verified Tokenomy users worldwide, with a few exceptions (i.e. users from sanctioned countries or Restricted Jurisdictions). The Earn Products may be made available by Tokenomy to verified users that meet the eligibility criteria in the and the Terms of Use and Earn Service Agreement .

  • How do Earn Products work?

    From time to time, Tokenomy may offer Earn Products with corresponding terms including but not limited to annualized interest rates, tenor, type of cryptocurrencies supported and maximum total limits. Users are able to subscribe to these Programs as long as there are sufficient assets in their accounts, and fulfill the corresponding terms of the Programs.

  • What happens to my funds once I subscribe into an Earn Product?

    Funds subscribed into Earn Products are locked for the duration of the respective Program. For example, if a Program lasts for 30 days, the funds subscribed into the Program will be locked for 30 days before available for other purposes.

  • How does Tokenomy provide interest rates in crypto ?

    Tokenomy partners with reputable and licensed third party service providers around the world to offer compelling interest rates on Earn products. For fixed deposit products, Tokenomy engages crypto finance institutions that can optimize your returns within different timeframes. For staking services, we work with multiple staking project leaders to simplify the process of staking, and keep your crypto assets secure at the same time. Users no longer have to sign up with various yield enhancing platforms, Tokenomy is the one-stop shop for crypto yield products.

  • How are interest rates calculated?

    As per the Earn Service Agreement, the periodic rate is calculated by dividing the applicable annual interest rate by three hundred and sixty five (365) multiplied by the relevant duration of the product subscription (rounded down to 8 decimal places). All interest will be paid in the same Digital Asset used to subscribe.

    As a hypothetical example, let’s assume that there is an ongoing Earn Product with the following terms: BTC-denominated, 30 days, 5% per annum in interest rates, subject to a maximum total limit of 100 BTC. User A deposits 1 BTC into the Program, and after 30 days, User A receives 1.00410958 BTC in return (1 BTC * 5% * 30/365).

  • What are the minimum and maximum for the Earn Products?

    Please refer to latest Earn Product pages for more information.

  • Are the returns guaranteed?

    Tokenomy operates on stringent risk management frameworks and practices to mitigate risks in order to provide the best rates that we possibly can to our users. However, you should not view the Earn Products or your Tokenomy account as a savings account or brokerage account with FDIC, SIPC or other similar types of deposit guarantee / insurance / schemes. For more details, please refer to the Earn Service Agreement .

  • What does Tokenomy do to keep my cryptocurrency safe?

    Tokenomy operates on a ‘Security-First’ principle. The following points address various aspects of the platforms:


    Asset Security

    - The Tokenomy platforms continually evaluate the amount of assets required to operate at full capacity.

    - All excess assets are kept in offline, air-gapped cold storage. We work with reputable and insured crypto custodians such as Coinbase Custody, to ensure the safety of your assets.


    Account Security

    - Encryption is used to secure all account passwords.

    - Two-Factor Authentication is available for enhanced account security.

    - Email confirmations required for withdrawals.

    - 24/7 Customer support through email/social media channels.


    Platform Security

    - Website data is transmitted over encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e. HTTPS).

    - Internal applications have highest level access controls and are never exposed to the public internet.

    - Bug bounty programs leverage the broader security community to constantly evaluate potential threats.

    - Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in place to ensure 24/7 operation of all Tokenomy platforms.

    - Rate limiting to prevent DDOS attacks.

  • Contract Market

    • TokenomyX Introduction: A New Way To Trade Crypto
    • TokenomyX Interface Guide

      1.You can instantly switch modes on TokenomyX between Demo and Live Mode - use Demo to practice trading without any risk!

      2. When hovering over your email address in the top right corner, you can access the Asset Center to view your asset balances, historical transactions and also the TokenomyX affiliate program invitation link.

      3. This is where you can conveniently monitor your Balance, Equity, P&L, Used Balance, Free Margin and Margin Level.

      4. You can choose different market pairs to trade.

      5. The chart section displays historical asset prices based on the selected time horizon. In the bottom left corner, clicking on the blue arrow will reveal a tray of charting tools you can use for technical analysis.

      6. his is where you can enter your orders, and switch between Limit and Market. You can also view the Dealing and Margin Requirements information, and easily transfer your funds between Tokenomy Exchange and TokenomyX.

      7. This is the latest trade information on TokenomyX

      8. This is where you can monitor your trading activity. You can switch tabs between Active Orders, Positions, Closed Positions, Filled and Order History. You can also see the ADL rank color on the upper right corner.

      9. There are five main tabs in the left side of the bar: i) Tokenomy Exchange, ii) Market displays the main trading page, iii) FAQs to find more information about TokenomyX, iv) Support to report any kind of issues or if you have any suggestions and v) Language settings.

    • How to deposit into your TokenomyX account ?

      You can transfer your balances between Tokenomy Exchange and TokenomyX using USDT and IDK without any fees incurred.

      If you do not have any balances on Tokenomy Exchange, we recommend watching our video about the guide How to Deposit IDK to TokenomyX

      Here are the steps to transfer assets from Tokenomy Exchange into TokenomyX:

      1. Click on your email account on the top of the right corner of the trading page, and then click Asset Center.

      2. Click on the Transfer tab on the Asset Center menu

      3. Set the amount that you would like to transfer and click on Transfer Now.

      4. You should now be able to see the balances updated in your TokenomyX Funds.

    • How is the trading calculation on TokenomyX?

      To calculate the profit or loss earned from a CFD trade, you multiply the deal size of the position (total number of contracts) by the value of each contract (expressed per point of movement). You then multiply that figure by the difference in points between the price when you opened the contract and when you closed it.

      Profit or Loss

      (No. of Contracts x Value of each Contract)


      (Closing Price - Opening Price)


      or Top-up using Bank Transfer.


      If you are an existing Indodax user, you can purchase Indodax vouchers from indodax voucher. Once you click “Buy IDK”, paste your Indodax voucher code in the field in the screenshot below. Click Buy and you are done!.


      Select your preferred bank using the Bank Transfer option. Then key in the deposit amount with minimum deposit 50.000 IDR and click proceed.


      Your IDK will be reflected in your account balance once you have successfully redeemed the voucher or made the bank transfer.

  • Affiliate program

    Want to earn extra income? It is very easy! Refer TokenomyX to your friends, relatives or coworkers. Ask them to register using Your Affiliate URL. You can share your affiliate URL at social media (Facebook, Twitter, Path), blogs, forums, emails, etc.

    Switch to live mode and you can then access the affiliate program. If your account is not verified yet, please verify it first. After that, copy your affiliate code to your friends and let them access TokenomyX using your affiliate link. Make sure your friend’s account has been verified. You can see your downline users after they registered and login to TokenomyX with your affiliate link. Once your friends start to trade or deposit, you will receive awards from that next day!

    TokenomyX Affiliate Program rewards users based on:

    Total Deposit Amount (after meeting the trading threshold).

    Each trade’s notional and spread

    Each trade’s notional and spread

    As an example, “A” is a new user referred by Jonathan. In this scenario:

    When A deposits amount X and has traded more than 30X in notional positions accumulatively, Jonathan receives 0.7% of the deposit value.

    When A makes a trade, Jonathan receives 10% of the bid/offer spread multiplied by the trade position notional.

    For example, A deposits $2,000 into his account. If A trades cumulatively $60,000 worth of positions (which can be easily achieved through leverage), Jonathan receives 0.7% * $2,000 = $14. At the same time, this $60,000 generates a total of $120,000 volume (through opening and closing of each position). Assuming the average spread is 0.07%, Jonathan receives 10% * 0.07% * $120,000 = $8.4. In total, Jonathan makes $22.4 in referral fees!.

    For example, A deposits $2,000 into his account. If A trades cumulatively $60,000 worth of positions (which can be easily achieved through leverage), Jonathan receives 0.7% * $2,000 = $14. At the same time, this $60,000 generates a total of $120,000 volume (through opening and closing of each position). Assuming the average spread is 0.07%, Jonathan receives 10% * 0.07% * $120,000 = $8.4. In total, Jonathan makes $22.4 in referral fees!

    Jonathan will be able to receive bonuses for up to three downlines. The structure is as shown below: Tier 1: 0.7% + 10% Tier 2: 0.2% + 4% Tier 3: 0.1% + 1%

  • What is Contract For Difference (CFD)?

    CFD is a contract between two parties, typically described as "buyer" and "seller", stipulating that the buyer will pay to the seller the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at contract time (if the difference is negative, then the seller pays instead to the buyer).(, n.d.)

  • Margin Term Reference

    Funds = Deposits - Withdrawals + Realized P&L

    Funds : Deposit - Penarikan + Realisasi P&L

    Profit: Unrealized PNL. Current profit and loss from all open positions

    Margin: Sum of the entry value of all contracts, including orders and positions you hold divided by the selected leverage.

    Available: your margin available for new positions.

    Available Balance = Funds + Profit - Margin

    Balance: Funds + Profit

    Used-Balance: The proportion of funds used. Used-balance = Margin / Balance

  • Margin Calculation

    The opposite positions will be written-off when calculating the margin. Except the margin of users’ net positions, the written-off margin will be 0.5% value of write-off positions (size * contract size * direction price * 0.5%).

    Write-off margin = (market buy price * write-off size * contract size + market sell price * write-off size * contract size) * 0.5% = (market buy price + market sell price) * write-off size * contract size * 0.5%

    Net position margin =size of net position * contract size * market direction price * margin factor

    Total margin = Write-off margin + Net position margin

    If a user placed multiple positions on BTC/USDT market: Contract size = 1mBTC = 0.001BTC. Margin factor = 1% (when position size <= 3500)

    Size Open Price Market direction price
    -2 8300 7200
    +2 6800 7230
    -2 8500 7200
    Size Write-off: 3
    Net position : 1 Direction price : 7200
  • What is the difference between the Main Board and Alternative Board?

    Tokenomy is introducing a new layout for our exchange, with two separate Trading Boards: Main Board and the Alternative Board.

    Main Board lists the top traded digital assets on the market and on Tokenomy. To qualify to be listed on the Main Board, digital assets are required to be:


    ranked in the top 20 on; or


    have consistently performed well in daily trading volumes over a minimum of three months.

    Tokens listed on the Alternative Board are up and coming tokens in the market and may have unproven track records. Tokenomy does not provide any investment advice and makes no assurances on future price performances of any and all digital assets, and does not guarantee or comment on any project’s ability to deliver its products and/or services. Tokenomy reserves the right to list or delist any digital asset at any time.

  • What is limit Order and Market Order ?


    Limit :Limit order allows you to set a maximum purchase price for buy orders, and a minimum sale price for your sell orders. If the market price for the digital asset pair does not reach your limit order price, the order will not be executed.


    Market :Market order allows you to execute your trade immediately at present or market price.

  • The Difference between Market Maker and Market Taker


    Market Maker refers to traders who place Limit Orders on Tokenomy Exchange. Limit Orders do not immediately fill at current market prices after being placed. Your order will be placed on the order book to buy or sell at a desired price level until it matches the market price. This is known as providing liquidity to the market. The benefit as a market maker is 0% market maker trading fees from both buy and sell limit orders. However, you will have to wait until the price matches your desired Limit Order Price level before being filled, which may or may not happen depending on market movements.


    Market Taker refers to traders who place Market Orders on Tokenomy Exchange. A market taker executes a buy or sell order based on the current market price that is listed on the order book, without setting a desired price level. This is known as taking liquidity from the market. The benefit as a market taker is that you will be able to fill your order immediately, or much quicker than a Limit Order. However, you will be charged 0.25% in market taker trading fees (TEN holders will be charged at discount trading fees of 0.125% by using TEN).

  • Funding Fee Structure

    There are no deposit fees for digital assets. For withdrawal fees, they differ between digital assets, and they are adjusted frequently. Using BTC as an example, the details will be provided on the withdrawal page.

  • Trading Fee Structure

    Market taker’s trading fee is 0.25%. (for non-TEN token users).

    Market taker’s trading fee is 0.125% for users paying with TEN token.

    Market maker fee is 0%.